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Warwick: Warwick Turf Club Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Meeting Type: Provincial (TAB MEETING)
Rail Position: True Entire Course
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf
Track Condition: Good 4
Weather: Fine
Track Information:
Scratchings Last Published: Wed 27-May-20 12:43PM AEST
Total Number of starters for this meeting (including emergencies) 97
Finalised 27/5 - 7.45am. Late Scratching R6 N14. Rider Alteration R2 N5

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Meeting: Wednesday 27May2020 Warwick Turf Club
Rail: True Entire Course Penetrometer:
Weather: Fine Total Scratchings: 30
Dual Track Meeting: N
Track Type: Turf Track Rating: Good 4
General Comment: Finalised 27/5 - 7.45am. Late Scratching R6 N14. Rider Alteration R2 N5
Irrigation: Nil
Rainfall: Nil last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 days
Track Information:

Rail Position Last Meeting



  13e LAST ROUND (Eliminated)
  14e PATCHE GIFT (Eliminated)
Race 2: 13e IMABARMAN (26/5 1419)
  14e JACKO’S A NATURAL (Eliminated)
  15e RUN PAM RUN (Eliminated)
Race 3: 1 DREAM WILDER (27/5 0615)
  8 MISS AMANDA (27/5 0516)
  14 TAPA BONNIE (26/5 0826)
Race 4: 5 BEATSME (25/5 1151)
  8 PIGINARKI (NZ) (26/5 0532)
Race 5: 11 OUTBACK STORM (26/5 1536)
  12 MISS MAKEPEACE (25/5 1214)
Race 6: 3 THE IRONS (26/5 2003)
  6 ADDOCARR (25/5 1104)
  7 MILL CITY (NZ) (26/5 0829)
  17e HIDDEN BUDGET (26/5 1004)
Race 7: 11 SHE’S OUR RIPPA (25/5 1103)
  12 CITY DIVA (26/5 0532)
  15e GHABBIE (Eliminated)
  16e COININ (Eliminated)
  17e BRAYD HEART (Eliminated)
  18e SHE’S WHITTIE (Eliminated)
  19e QUEENOFMAINSTREET (Eliminated)
Race 8: 11 FEELING THORNY (27/5 0722)
  16e MINAJ A STAR (Eliminated)
  17e AUNTY SNOW (Eliminated)
  18e YARRA SPIRIT (Eliminated)

Late Scratchings

Race 6: 14 MAQUEREAU (LateVets 0850)

Late Riders/Alterations

Race 2: 5 ALLENA - Ms Minonette Kennedy (a2/53kg),
Race 3: 3 STARCASTER - Ms Brooke Ainsworth
  10 SIZZLING SUN - Nathan Fazackerley (a1.5/55kg),
  15e HEEBEE RIGHT MATE - Gary Geran
Race 4: 14 SIZZLING POWER - Anthony Allen
  16e THIRD MARTINI - Mrs Hannah Richardson
Race 6: 16e TYCOON PLAYER - Jason Taylor
  18e RATHER SALUBRIOUS (NZ) - Ms Leeanne McCoy
Race 7: 14e DIAL - Ms Minonette Kennedy (a2/53kg),
Race 8: 6 PERSIAN KING - Nathan Fazackerley (a1.5/55kg),
  12 ATOMIC BOMB - Jarrod Woodhouse
  15e ROCK PAPER SIZZLE - Ms Alex Patis (a2/51kg),

Undeclared Riders

There are no undeclared riders

Duplicate Riders

Racing Queensland Notice
Nothing in the issuance of these weight declarations guarantees a runner a place in the field, should decisions under, or the application of the Rules of Racing require a different outcome.

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