Track Ratings


Numerical Rating Old Scale New Scale Description of Rating
1 Fast Firm Dry hard track
2 Good Firm Firm track with reasonable grass coverage
3 Good Good Track with good grass coverage and cushion
4 Dead Good Track with some give in it
5 Dead Soft Track with a reasonable amount of give in it
6 Slow Soft Moist but not a badly affected track
7 Slow Soft Rain affected track that will chop out
8 Heavy Heavy Rain affected track that horses will get into
9 Heavy Heavy Wet track getting into a squelchy area
10 Heavy Heavy Heaviest category track, very wet, towards saturation


Track Surface Rating Numerical Rating Description of Rating
Sand/Dirt Fast   Compact/Firm and at optimal efficiency
Sand/Dirt Good   More loosened surface than fast, some kickback may be evident
Sand/Dirt Soft   Surface looser than good, kickback evident
Sand/Dirt Wet Fast   Rain affected, track has surface water but base is solid and surface is compact (accounting for times similar to a fast track)