Racing Australia offices are currently continuing to operate as normal to support the Principal Racing Authorities, Race Clubs and participants as the industry moves to the continuation of racing from Monday 16 March based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer to Commonwealth and State Governments in relation to public gatherings of over 500 people.

Racing Australia continues to invest in the ongoing development, enhancement and testing of a robust Business Continuity Plan. As an extension of the existing Business Continuity Plan, a Health Emergency Continuity Plan has been developed and more recently a specific Coronavirus (COVID19) Response Plan has also been developed to ensure the continuity of services provided by Racing Australia.  

Given the constantly evolving situation, Racing Australia continues to monitor, review and update planning and preparation as necessary in order to respond and recover in the event of a health emergency due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) which impacts on the ability of staff to work from Racing Australia’s offices. 

Continuity of Services Remotely
In the event of an office close-down period, Racing Australia is ready to minimize disruption to service and ensure continuity of operations based on employees working remotely. 

This includes but is not limited:

a) Racing Australia Service Centre used by trainers to lodge nominations, acceptances, withdrawals, scratchings and stable returns will continue to operate with no changes to the phone number or where to go online. Results, Racebook production and related customer service and help desk will also continue, however we encourage you to submit any requests and forms online as our phone lines will be experiencing difficulties in fast response times.
b) Australian Stud Book & Registrar of Racehorses used by Breeders and Owners will continue to operate with no changes to the phone number or where to go online. Again, we recommend utilising the online service over the phone service.
c) Other functions of Racing Australia such as Finance, Network and Application Support will also continue.

Participants Encouraged to use Online and Phone Services rather than mailing forms to avoid potential delays

Participants are encouraged to use online or phone services rather than paper-based forms due to the potential of paper forms being delayed by the post or not accessible for a period of time. Where a paper form is still used participants are encouraged to scan and email the form to Racing Australia rather than sending it via mail.

Equine Genetics Research Centre
In the event the Equine Genetics Research Centre (EGRC) closes, Thoroughbred parentage testing and other breed services would be suspended for up to 14 days and, if closure of the EGRC is to last longer than 14 days, parentage testing and other breed tests would be relocated to the EGRC’s backup Lab conditional on it continuing to operate.  

Racing Australia will continue to provide updates below as the situation evolves, as well as retesting our continuity and preparedness in order to best manage any impact. 

15 March 2020

To view information on current responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, please refer to the PRA websites via the links below.

NSW | VIC | QLD | WA | SA | TAS | ACT | NT

1 APRIL 2020


Racing Australia has been working closely with the Principal Racing Authorities (PRAs), to ensure the continuation of Thoroughbred Racing across Australia through analysis, advocacy and the continuity of services.

Racing Australia recognises its responsibility to provide leadership during these significantly stressful and uncertain times by undertaking analysis to provide information to all levels of government that quantify the severe impacts COVID-19 virus will have on our industry in the coming months.

No industry or sport covers the breadth of our nation like Thoroughbred Racing:  
  • Economic contribution of around $9.5 billion with 51 per cent or $4.8 billion achieved in regional Australia.
  • Direct and indirect 74,518 FTE jobs nationally.
  • Nearly 160,000 participate in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry as employee or volunteer. (63 per cent reside in regional areas)
  • Includes 21,425 volunteers who assist and support racing clubs and participants.
  • No industry or sport covers the breadth of our nation like Thoroughbred Racing.
“We understand that the federal and state governments have to act in the national interest and protect the welfare of its citizens and we totally support the actions that governments are undertaking. We also make the commitment that our industry will do everything within its power to comply with all the changes that are being enforced by both the federal, state and territory governments”. said Racing Australia Chairman Greg Nichols. 

The Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry’s commitment to maintaining global-leading standards of equine welfare and the health and safety of our participants is a top priority and will not be diminished in the uncertain times ahead.

Racing Australia will continue to be uncompromising in its resolve to achieve full conformance of measures authorised by the National Cabinet and be pro-active in implementing additional stringent measures that augment the National Cabinet’s initiatives.

1 April 2020

For further information:
Greg Nichols, Chairman, Racing Australia (02) 8072 1900

31 MARCH 2020


Dear Racing Participants,
On behalf of Racing Australia’s Directors, Executive Management and staff members, I wish to express our concern to all participants in thoroughbred racing who are facing critical challenges as a consequence of  COVID-19.
The Australian people are experiencing an unprecedented public health and economic crisis.  The scale of the impact is unknown, however, we do know that the Federal, State and Territory governments have acted decisively in response to the public health and economic threat. What is indisputable is the significant effects of COVID-19 on small to medium enterprises and large corporations that have contributed to the prosperity of racing.
I am pleased to report that Racing Australia has been working closely with Principal Racing Authorities, to ensure continuation of thoroughbred racing across Australia.  Our objectives are simple:

  • to keep racing going,
  • to maintain employment  within our sport for the majority of our 74,000 plus full-time participants, and
  • to ensure that equine welfare is kept at the highest level.
These are proud achievements that would not have occurred without your compliance to the new protocols implemented by Australian racing.  Our responsibility is to follow the advice of the National Cabinet, the Principal Racing Authorities and medical experts to ensure thoroughbred racing stands the best chance to continue.
This means, when at work, follow the protocols put in place by your Principal Racing Authority at all times.  And when not at work, stay at home, obey social distancing and wash your hands!  This is vitally important for the ongoing viability of the industry we love and which supports so many livelihoods.
Racing Australia has engaged experts to represent our interests to governments throughout Australia. Racing Australia, working together with our advisors and the Principal Racing Authorities, has submitted an extensive analysis to the National Cabinet this past weekend.
The report highlights:
  • Australian racing’s economic contribution of around $9.5 billion with 51% generated in regional Australia
  • 28,157 racehorses ran during the 2018/19 racing season
  • 4.2 million people attended a race-meeting last year
  • Nearly 160,000 people participate in thoroughbred racing
  • 21,425 volunteers make racing possible
  • $728.8 million in prize money was paid out last racing season
  • Caring, exercising and maintaining a Thoroughbred is a 24/7/365 commitment
  • A return to racing, should we be forced to close, is not simply a matter of turning on a tap. A 2-month closure is effectively a 6-month closure.

On behalf of Racing Australia, I sincerely hope that you all remain safe and healthy throughout these tough times and please don’t drop your guard.  We need everyone to do their bit.
Greg Nichols
Racing Australia


The Racing Australia Board met on Wednesday, 18 March to assess its next steps in ensuring the continuity of service to the Thoroughbred racing industry nationally as a result of the direct and indirect impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Principal Racing Authorities provided a briefing to the Board on their management of current and predicated responses to COVID-19 to mitigate and manage the impacts of the virus on breeding and racing businesses.

Racing Australia is working closely with each of the Principal Racing Authorities who will continue to lead the COVID-19 response on a State and Territory basis. The Board of Racing Australia is unified in its commitment on behalf of the industry to proactively develop policy and advocate measures which focus on the welfare of participants.

“These are unprecedented times and COVID-19 is slowly impacting every aspect of our personal and business lives; Racing Australia’s commitment at this time is to ensure continuity of its services and support the many breeding and racing businesses across the country who contribute $9.1 Billion annually to the economy and generate 79,000 jobs nationally”. said Racing Australia Chair Greg Nichols.

Given the constantly evolving situation, Racing Australia along with the Principal Racing Authorities, will continue to act on the advice of Federal and State Governments, as well as the advice of Federal and State Chief Health Officers, to adjust its planning accordingly to manage the current health emergency due to COVID-19.

“Racing Australia has enacted it’s Coronavirus Response Plan and already has a number of employees working remotely to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading and to ensure all areas of the business are prepared and comfortable to work remotely for an extended period of time if required. At this time, we strongly encourage participants to complete transactions online where possible to minimize the risk of delays”.  said Racing Australia Acting CEO and Operations CEO Myles Foreman.

Visit the Racing Australia website ( for:

  • Details on Racing Australia’s Coronavirus Response Plan to ensure continuity of services
  • An overview of which services / transactions can be competed online 
  • COVID-19 updates

19 March 2020

16 MARCH 2020


Given the unprecedented circumstances we’re facing as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Racing Australia highly recommends that all owners, breeders and trainers complete any ongoing and future transactions online.

Please read the below information to find out how you can complete your required transactions online:


Owners Registrar & Deputy Registrars To Transact Online Visit

The portal is a powerful online alternative to paper forms and can be utilised to complete a number of transactions for which paper forms are normally submitted to the Registrar (Racing Australia) and Deputy Registrar (Principal Racing Authorities).

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to create a portal account and start using it immediately by navigating to and selecting ‘New Account Request’ below the login section.

The portal will be crucial during this time for you to complete your required transactions online, as we anticipate delays to the delivery of paper forms for processing.

Registrar Functions

  • Horse Registration
  • Change of Share Percentage (named and unnamed)
  • Transfer of Ownership (named and unnamed)
  • Unnamed Horse Change of Location

Please note that the following transactions cannot be completed on the portal:

  • Named and Unnamed Horse Transfers of Ownership for horses sold at Public Auctions
  • Unnamed Horse Transfers of Ownership for imported horses
  • Change of prizemoney bank account and GST details

If completing these transactions via a paper form we recommend you complete, scan and email these forms to

Deputy Registrar Functions

  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Lease Transactions
  • Registration of a Syndicate
  • Silks Renewals
  • Syndicate Transactions

If completing these transactions via a paper form, we recommend you complete, scan and email these forms to your relevant Principal Racing Authority.

Retirement & Death Notification Functions

  • Lodgement of Retirement and Death Notification

If completing this transaction via a paper form we recommend you complete, scan and email these forms to

Breeders To Transact Online Visit Australian Stud Book

For all Australian Stud Book (ASB) related transactions, please continue to use the Stud Book website to transact.

Transactions include:

  • Stallion Returns
  • Declarations of Service
  • Mare Returns
  • Foal Ownership Declarations

Please note that the following transactions cannot be completed on the ASB website:

  • Import Applications
  • Brand Registration Applications
  • New Breeder Applications

We recommend you complete, scan and email these forms to

The Stud Book will continue to be updated daily with all information required for breeders.

Trainers To Transact Online Visit Stable Assist

Stable Assist can also be utilised by trainers for the following transactions online:

  • Nominations (including withdrawals)
  • Acceptances/Withdrawals
  • Scratchings
  • Stable Returns
  • Gear Changes
  • Retirement & Death Notification

Access Stable Assist via the ‘Logins’ tab on the Racing Australia website and follow the prompts.