Renamed Horses

Date From: 01/08/2016 To 20/07/2017

New Name

Old Name


Date Changed

Agent of Chaos (GB) Let Us Fight (GB)4/Gelding18-JUL-2017
Rossignol Blue's Singer 27/Mare18-JUL-2017
It's All for You (GER) All for You (GER)8/Mare18-JUL-2017
It's Hell On Heels Licence to Kill 10/Mare15-JUL-2017
Royal Pegasus Peter Pegasus 2/Gelding14-JUL-2017
Pretty Peta Who Givesapegasus 2/Filly14-JUL-2017
Southerly Wind Fais Gaffe 3/Colt13-JUL-2017
Dreamscope King's Dagger 4/Gelding09-JUL-2017
Tillarized Darth Zouie 3/Gelding08-JUL-2017
Miss Lustrous (NZ) Lustrous (NZ)4/Mare06-JUL-2017
My Nordic Hero (GB) Nordic Hero (GB)5/Gelding30-JUN-2017
Crafty Criminal (IRE) Saguenay (IRE)2/Colt29-JUN-2017
Witches Danz Princess Danz 7/Mare28-JUN-2017
Noumea (IRE) New Caledonia (IRE)4/Gelding28-JUN-2017
Our Apprehend (NZ) Apprehend (NZ)4/Gelding27-JUN-2017
Mio Nipotina (NZ) Nipotina (NZ)2/Filly22-JUN-2017
Hillview Lad (IRE) Triple Excellence (IRE)7/Gelding22-JUN-2017
Palatina II (IRE) Palatina (IRE)59/Mare21-JUN-2017
Shamelessly (NZ) Shameless (NZ)4/Mare20-JUN-2017
Ripa II (NZ) Ripa (NZ)56/Mare14-JUN-2017
Raise a Toast Raizin' Toast 2/Filly14-JUN-2017
The Willybe (NZ) Willybe (NZ)5/Gelding12-JUN-2017
Frimla Winning Aim 16/Mare09-JUN-2017
White Hot Gold Newcrest 1/Colt08-JUN-2017
Motaja (NZ) Sorgino (NZ)2/Gelding06-JUN-2017
Cannot Be Serios (NZ) He's Serios (NZ)3/Gelding05-JUN-2017
Detroit Diesel Scadden's Run 4/Gelding01-JUN-2017
Zuzichka (NZ) Jonabeel (NZ)7/Mare30-MAY-2017
Keeping Lucy Yulong Baodao 3/Filly26-MAY-2017
Vert De Grece (IRE) The Monarch (IRE)5/Horse25-MAY-2017
Immovable Option (IRE) Super Goodluck (IRE)21/Horse25-MAY-2017
Here He Comes (NZ) Comin'through (NZ)3/Gelding24-MAY-2017
Peggy's Bouquet Bridan's Angel 3/Filly23-MAY-2017
Radipole (IRE) Justwantacontact (IRE)4/Gelding18-MAY-2017
Candide (NZ) It's Candide (NZ)32/Mare16-MAY-2017
Sir Statham (NZ) Statham (NZ)7/Gelding16-MAY-2017
Our Peaky Blinders (NZ) Peaky Blinders (NZ)4/Gelding14-MAY-2017
Top of the Pops (NZ) Queen Of The Pops (NZ)43/Mare14-MAY-2017
Utmost Caution Caution 9/Mare14-MAY-2017
She's Poetry Grande Poet 6/Mare12-MAY-2017
Our Yangtze (GB) Yangtze (GB)4/Gelding12-MAY-2017
Beauty Flame (IRE) Roca Tumu (IRE)7/Gelding10-MAY-2017
Ho In One (IRE) Glamorous Angel (IRE)7/Gelding10-MAY-2017
Truly Belong (NZ) We Belong (NZ)2/Filly06-MAY-2017
Imperial Belle (NZ) Classy Belle (NZ)40/Mare03-MAY-2017
River Drift (NZ) Koccinea (NZ)3/Filly03-MAY-2017
Nijinsky II (CAN) Nijinsky (CAN)50/Horse02-MAY-2017
Beijing Board (GB) Beijing (GB)4/Gelding01-MAY-2017
Gold Find Agapemone 7/Mare29-APR-2017
Major Shanahan Cavado 4/Gelding28-APR-2017
Wonderful Mak (NZ) Stars Colliding (NZ)12/Mare27-APR-2017
Now Or Later (IRE) Now Or Never (IRE)4/Mare24-APR-2017
Just Shine (NZ) Shine On (NZ)4/Gelding21-APR-2017
Ewan Mine Captain Arabia 3/Gelding21-APR-2017
Lead Choreographer (IRE) Choreographer (IRE)4/Gelding19-APR-2017
Vanitoso Fratello El Capo 4/Gelding14-APR-2017
New Universe (NZ) Dark Universe (NZ)3/Gelding11-APR-2017
Sir Van Dyke (GB) Van Dyke (GB)4/Horse09-APR-2017
Leica Bita Lippy Nothin' Leica Mood 8/Mare01-APR-2017
Falling in Love Abarenbo 12/Mare31-MAR-2017
The Gold Trail (IRE) Gold Trail (IRE)6/Horse26-MAR-2017
Ancient Echoes Step in Time 2/Colt23-MAR-2017
Hammerstein (NZ) Myki (NZ)5/Gelding19-MAR-2017
La Bella Diosa (NZ) La Diosa (NZ)3/Filly17-MAR-2017
Redkirk Warrior (GB) Redkirk (GB)6/Gelding15-MAR-2017
Who Am I Bodacious 2/Gelding14-MAR-2017
Lord van Percy (GB) Van Percy (GB)7/Gelding09-MAR-2017
Exospheric (GB) Exosphere (GB)5/Horse09-MAR-2017
Whinaco The Greekgod Elpis 4/Gelding08-MAR-2017
Le Mattan Le Matin 3/Gelding08-MAR-2017
It's Pa Original Idea 3/Gelding03-MAR-2017
Regine (IRE) Smoking Hot (IRE)3/Filly02-MAR-2017
Lord Fandango (GER) Fandango (GER)4/Horse24-FEB-2017
Tang Fleming (GB) Ian Fleming (GB)4/Gelding23-FEB-2017
Happy Summer (GB) Castello Aragonese (GB)7/Gelding21-FEB-2017
Punkenstein (NZ) Green Country (NZ)5/Gelding17-FEB-2017
Readily Ready for Ever 11/Mare17-FEB-2017
Joyful Trinity (IRE) Baghadur (IRE)5/Horse16-FEB-2017
Nashville Skyline Ballroom Gal 2/Filly16-FEB-2017
Queen Ablaze Miss Queenie 2/Filly15-FEB-2017
Helene Paragon (FR) Sir Andrew (FR)5/Horse10-FEB-2017
Christmas Cheer Nu Wa 4/Gelding08-FEB-2017
Victorius Forthright Opinion 8/Gelding07-FEB-2017
Time to Rethink Demi Sec 2/Filly04-FEB-2017
Marshall Miss (NZ) Girl Next Door (NZ)6/Mare03-FEB-2017
Castelo Branco (NZ) Contraption (NZ)10/Gelding03-FEB-2017
Mortar Platoon (IRE) War Story (IRE)4/Gelding22-JAN-2017
Richcity Fortune Lope Too 4/Gelding19-JAN-2017
Friends Of Nanjing Golden Thirst 4/Gelding19-JAN-2017
Cadabra (NZ) Ayers Rock (NZ)3/Filly14-JAN-2017
Star for Effort One Bung Lung 4/Gelding12-JAN-2017
Dan Excel (IRE) Dunboyne Express (IRE)9/Gelding04-JAN-2017
Our Vespa (NZ) Vespa (NZ)5/Gelding04-JAN-2017
Our Mr Jazz (NZ) Mr. Jazz (NZ)22/Gelding23-DEC-2016
Office Affair (USA) Officer Affair (USA)29/Mare23-DEC-2016
Miss Zenella (NZ) Zenella (NZ)7/Mare22-DEC-2016
Candy Flipme (NZ) Raving (NZ)19/Mare21-DEC-2016
Mollys Man Fredifarkel 13/Gelding21-DEC-2016
To Follow Pedestrian Down 11/Mare21-DEC-2016
Lord Lumberjack (GER) Lumberjack (GER)5/Gelding19-DEC-2016
Our Cougette Cougette 9/Mare17-DEC-2016
Black Kulwadee Featherfoot 3/Gelding17-DEC-2016
Raffles Girl The Bruce 4/Mare15-DEC-2016
Nakooma's Lass Nakooma's Last 4/Mare15-DEC-2016
Mustang Dylan Fern Hill 7/Gelding13-DEC-2016
Mustang Diva Shetora 4/Mare09-DEC-2016
Dixie Prospect (USA) Alyarf (USA)11/Horse09-DEC-2016
Cosenza Can't Get a Name 3/Colt03-DEC-2016
Big Duke (IRE) Swashbuckling (IRE)5/Gelding02-DEC-2016
Rocks On Ice Irwin 3/Filly02-DEC-2016
Little McCall (USA) Miss McCall (USA)11/Mare02-DEC-2016
Oh So Splendido (NZ) Splendido (NZ)4/Gelding30-NOV-2016
Start Dreamin Flamingo Flame 6/Mare30-NOV-2016
Harjaka (NZ) Triple Jeopardy (NZ)4/Gelding19-NOV-2016
Just Wanto Run Now Shut Up Stupid 5/Mare18-NOV-2016
Darragh (NZ) Start Me Up (NZ)6/Gelding18-NOV-2016
Crazy Life (NZ) La Vida Loca (NZ)2/Filly17-NOV-2016
La Luna Rossa (NZ) Luna Rossa (NZ)3/Filly12-NOV-2016
Jodi Nicole She Can Shift 4/Mare10-NOV-2016
Lamichi Blazem Lady 10/Mare10-NOV-2016
Ishkala (NZ) Ishka (NZ)20/Mare09-NOV-2016
Fire And Ice (NZ) Pure Momentum (NZ)5/Gelding06-NOV-2016
Peninsula Boy (NZ) Clifford (NZ)4/Gelding02-NOV-2016
Mr Gustavo (NZ) Gustavo (NZ)6/Gelding02-NOV-2016
Count da Vinci (NZ) Faaltline (NZ)6/Gelding02-NOV-2016
Sterling Acheeva Sterlingacheeva 2/Gelding28-OCT-2016
Estrella Fella Armaggedon Ed 2/Gelding28-OCT-2016
Born to Fight Redoute's Boss 2/Gelding27-OCT-2016
Princess Donwaa Malcontent 4/Mare26-OCT-2016
Yulara Drive Flying Frisbee 5/Gelding25-OCT-2016
Westy Furhoy 2/Gelding21-OCT-2016
Baddaddy Baddaddy On the Side 3/Gelding21-OCT-2016
Fireman Sam I Am Arsonist 4/Gelding15-OCT-2016
Angel's Scent Snippers Tip 3/Filly14-OCT-2016
Gold Bold And Rich (USA) Gold Bold N Rich (USA)8/Horse13-OCT-2016
Lady Red Misty D' Cat 14/Mare13-OCT-2016
Hale Soriano (GB) Soriano (GB)6/Gelding12-OCT-2016
Show Honey (NZ) Showmeyamoneyhoney (NZ)3/Filly12-OCT-2016
Bella Rossana Praise And Elation 10/Mare12-OCT-2016
He's Our Rokkii (NZ) Our Rokkii (NZ)4/Gelding12-OCT-2016
Kingsguard (NZ) His Majesty (NZ)4/Gelding11-OCT-2016
Chagrin D'amour (NZ) Chagrin (NZ)8/Mare11-OCT-2016
Overdane (GB) Verdane (GB)7/Gelding11-OCT-2016
Perfectly Rosey (NZ) Perfect Rose (NZ)6/Mare11-OCT-2016
The Dominator (NZ) Domination (NZ)5/Gelding11-OCT-2016
Our Century (IRE) Century (IRE)6/Gelding03-OCT-2016
Electric Gal Bar Show 5/Mare01-OCT-2016
Middlebrook Miss Prophetic 3/Filly24-SEP-2016
Storm Our Heroine 8/Mare22-SEP-2016
Lady Jo Lei Jo Lei 13/Mare19-SEP-2016
Let Go Lenni Rock Strata 7/Gelding19-SEP-2016
Anniversary Jewel (NZ) Fabrique (NZ)8/Mare17-SEP-2016
Barefoot Tycoon Barefoot Investor 4/Gelding02-SEP-2016
Tulssami Tulsami 13/Mare19-AUG-2016
Testyouall Novelist 12/Mare19-AUG-2016
Raks Belaadi Raks Baladi 13/Mare19-AUG-2016
Simple Obsession Eos 12/Mare19-AUG-2016
Lady Ness Fairylegs 14/Mare19-AUG-2016
Kicking the Blues Wasn'tme 11/Mare19-AUG-2016
Jester Rose Flat Cat 11/Mare19-AUG-2016
Onwards'n'upwards Molto Felice 11/Mare19-AUG-2016
Hem Line Our Gracie Girl 14/Mare19-AUG-2016
Annie's Trix Release That Tiger 11/Mare19-AUG-2016
Femme Filou Glory And Magic 12/Mare19-AUG-2016
Danekara Tikit to Glory 11/Mare19-AUG-2016
Coquelet Nuclear Chicken 9/Mare19-AUG-2016
Clochette Tycowin 13/Mare19-AUG-2016
Steggler (IRE) Rifle Range (IRE)5/Gelding10-AUG-2016
Bangalore Ransom Stoddard 5/Gelding10-AUG-2016
Visited Sea the Youessay 9/Mare10-AUG-2016
Contentment Chilton County 6/Gelding04-AUG-2016
Walenore Tampered With 13/Mare04-AUG-2016
Helene Happy Star (IRE) Barley Mow (IRE)6/Gelding02-AUG-2016
Loveletter Cuba 3/Filly02-AUG-2016
Zabibi (NZ) Know All (NZ)11/Mare01-AUG-2016