Mark Newnham

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6th of 13
QBYN 01Jun07
Raw Diva
QBYN 01Jun07 1100m Soft5 MDN $7,000 Ms Leeann Olsen 54.5kg Barrier 9
1st Breakaway Miss 54.5kg, 2nd Sea Urchin 52.5kg 1:05.59 (600m 35.76), 6.5L, $9/$11
7th of 9
GOUL 01May07
Raw Diva
GOUL 01May07 1000m Heavy10 MDN $7,000 Ms Leeann Olsen 54.5kg Barrier 4
1st Lunchtimesover 53kg, 2nd Friday Blues 57kg 0:59.94 (600m 36.49), 6.3L, $10/$11
6th of 14
SAPH 13Apr07
Raw Diva
SAPH 13Apr07 900m Good3 MDN $8,000 Scott Pollard 55kg Barrier 12
1st Black Sensation 53kg, 2nd Gee Land Express (NZ) 55.5kg 0:50.48 (600m 32.84), 5.4L, $15/$21
7th of 8
GOUL 26Nov06
Raw Diva
GOUL 26Nov06 1000m Good3 MDN-SW $7,000 Ms Kacie Chater 54kg (cd 50kg) Barrier 4
1st Marquise Diamond 54kg, 2nd Four Beers Later 52.5kg 0:56.60 (600m 33.87), 8.7L, $9/$9.5/$10