Norman Rogers

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9th of 10
GOUL 12Jan98
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GOUL 12Jan98 1600m Good3 MDN $3,570 Kim Bell 53kg Barrier 10
1st Honky Tonk (NZ) 53kg, 2nd Howe's Ossie 54.5kg 1:37.59, 11.4L, 15-1/20-1
10th of 10
GOUL 30Nov97
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GOUL 30Nov97 1000m Good3 CLASS 1 $3,570 W Sorensen 53kg Barrier 10
1st Ajero Lad 55kg, 2nd Red Pony 53kg 0:58.37, 11.6L, 10-1/25-1
14th of 14
K GR 13Sep97
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K GR 13Sep97 1200m Good3 MDN $4,500 Terry Jones 53kg Barrier 10
1st Free Kick 53.5kg, 2nd Just a Broker (NZ) 54kg 1:11.90, 20.5L 50-1
8th of 8
CANT 27Aug97
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CANT 27Aug97 1300m Good3 3YOC&G-NMW $18,068 Terry Jones 53kg Barrier 5
1st College Park 53kg, 2nd Tonosama 52kg 1:17.74 (600m 36.35), 14.9L, 8th@800m, 8th@400m, 100-1/330-1
13th of 13
K GR 09Aug97
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K GR 09Aug97 1200m Good3 3YOC&G MDN $4,500 John Higgins 55.5kg Barrier 3
1st Paper Trail 57kg, 2nd Yarram Lad 54.5kg 1:12.35, 22.4L 40-1