Mike Van Gestel

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1st of 14
GCST 02Oct99
Wild Toss
GCST 02Oct99 1800m Good3 MDN $6,250 ($4,450) Sean Campton 55.5kg Barrier 12
2nd Skyline Terrace 55kg, 3rd Big Hearted 55kg 1:51.27 (600m 37.16), 3.5L, 11-2/6-1
4th of 12
SCST 05Sep99
Wild Toss
SCST 05Sep99 1800m Soft5 CL1 $6,250 ($200) J P Stanley (a) 53kg (cd 51kg) Barrier 2
1st Malibu 54kg, 2nd Princess Zena 53kg 1:54.78 (400m 24.31), 3.4L 16-1
4th of 14
GCST 21Aug99
Wild Toss
GCST 21Aug99 1800m Good3 MDN $6,250 ($200) Mark Smith-Lester 55kg Barrier 13
1st Key Witness (NZ) 54.5kg, 2nd Style Queen 53.5kg 1:56.53 (600m 37.31), 3.9L, 50-1/100-1
10th of 13
GCST 07Aug99
Wild Toss
GCST 07Aug99 1300m Good3 MDN $6,250 Mark Smith-Lester 56kg Barrier 9
1st Come On Kenny (NZ) 56kg, 2nd Prince Wilbur 53.5kg 1:18.96 (600m 36.80), 10.2L, 50-1/80-1
14th of 14
IPSW 22Jul99
Wild Toss
IPSW 22Jul99 1200m Good3 CGE MDN $6,250 Anthony Erhart 57kg Barrier 3
1st Cape Creole (NZ) 57kg, 2nd Persian Spy 56kg 1:12.44, 35.4L, 8-1/25-1