Ken Parker

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10th of 16
BRAT 05Sep96
Royal Laker
BRAT 05Sep96 1200m Heavy10 CL2 $11,000 Ms Catherine Payne 52kg (cd 49kg) Barrier 14
1st The Bandsman 52.5kg, 2nd Palace Playboy 52kg 1:19.10, 8.9L, 2nd@800m, 11th@400m, 20-1/25-1
11th of 14
WKBL 26Aug96
Royal Laker
WKBL 26Aug96 1100m Soft5 CL2 $8,150 Tony Merrifield (a) 53kg (cd 50kg) Barrier 12
1st The Pleb 55kg, 2nd Keiv Prince 54kg 1:05.30, 7L, 16-1/20-1
7th of 12
WKBL 29Jun96
Royal Laker
WKBL 29Jun96 1000m Soft7 CL1 $4,100 Tony Merrifield (a) 52kg Barrier 1
1st Demacraz 52.5kg, 2nd Trick to Gain 52.5kg 1:01.00, 5.5L 14-1