Ciaron Maher

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9th of 9
COR 14May01
Power of Dreams
COR 14May01 1000m Good3 CLASS 1 $5,000 Luke Grealy (a) 54.5kg (cd 51.5kg) Barrier 1
1st Uncle Andre 56kg, 2nd Love Lessons 53kg 0:58.16, 8.7L 4-1
2nd of 12
ALB 25Apr01
Power of Dreams
ALB 25Apr01 900m Heavy10 MDN $4,000 ($800) Michael Travers 57kg (cd 55kg) Barrier 11
1st Alfinity 57kg, 3rd Zakynthos Athina 52.5kg 0:53.64, 3.5L 2-1
11th of 11
ALB 16Jan01
Wirlinga Lad
ALB 16Jan01 1400m Good3 MDN $5,000 Grant Milham (a) 53kg (cd 50.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Naranka Lodge 56.5kg, 2nd Plover 53.5kg 1:26.50, 10.4L, 20-1/25-1
12th of 12
GUND 24Nov00
Wirlinga Lad
GUND 24Nov00 1100m Good3 MDN $5,900 Joe Azzopardi 53kg (cd 52.5kg) Barrier 11
1st Laparra 56kg, 2nd Harcourt Prince 53kg 1:04.70, 11.3L, 20-1/33-1/25-1
10th of 13
ALB 03Nov00
Wirlinga Lad
ALB 03Nov00 1175m Soft7 MDN $5,000 Grant Milham (a) 53.5kg (cd 50.5kg) Barrier 10
1st Poetic Habit 53kg, 2nd On the Menu 53.5kg 1:12.59, 7.2L, 20-1/25-1