14yo Brown Gelding
D.O.B: 01-Nov-2002
5x Pedigree Report

Status Retired
Owner’s Details at retirement
(when Racing Australia is advised)
Mr C H Richardson
Stewards Embargoes Current - 25-Jul-2008, Not To Race (Vet Certificate)
Emergency Vaccination Record (Click here for more details)
Last Gear Change* 09-Apr-2008, Blinkers, On, Comment: Declared - worked in blinkers.
Racing Colours Red, Blue Lapels
Career Summary: 21-3:2:1    Prizemoney: $21,795    
Min/Max-Dist-Win: 1200/1700     1st Up: 5:0-1-0    2nd Up: 4:1-0-0    
Firm: 1:0-0-0     Good: 15:2-1-1     Soft: 2:0-1-0     Heavy: 3:1-0-0    Synthetic: 0:0-0-0
Note: NSW & WA Gear Changes may be incomplete

4th of 10 WARW 17May08 1100m Firm2 CL5 $6,000 ($300) Michael Johnston 55kg Barrier 10 Rtg 57
1st Anothercat 55kg, 2nd Obliviator 58.5kg 1:03.83, 4.9L $7
5th of 11 TWBA 31May08 1210m Good3 CL3 $10,000 Scott Richardson 54kg Barrier 7 Rtg 57
1st Costa Complete 57kg, 2nd Montana Royale 52kg 1:13.72 (600m 36.72), 4.3L, 9th@800m, 8th@400m, $26/$26
5th of 9 IPSW 04Jul08 1200m Good3 C&G CL2 $10,000 Nathan Evans 54kg Barrier 5 Rtg 57
1st Headlight 57kg, 2nd Mystic Vibe 56.5kg 1:10.77 (600m 34.90), 4.9L, 6th@800m, 6th@400m, $13/$21
4th of 12 DALB 19Jul08 1400m Good3 CL2 $4,000 ($200) Wayne Glass 56kg Barrier 1 Rtg 56
1st Picawile 54kg, 2nd The Brown Hornet 57kg 1:23.30, 1L $8
1st of 5 IPSW 25Jul08 1700m Heavy10 CL2 $12,000 ($7,800) Nathan Evans 54kg Barrier 3 Rtg 56
2nd Ocho Rios 56kg, 3rd Benragazzo 54kg 1:49.47 (600m 38.85), 0.8L, 2nd@800m, 2nd@400m, $6/$8